Luv(sic) Hexalogy [HPD18]

Luv(sic) Hexalogy [HPD18]

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Weight: 200g


Item description

The Luv(sic) Hexalogy is written by Shing02 and produced by the late producer Nujabes, and its completion spanned nearly 15 years.

Track List
Disc 1

2.Luv(sic) Part 2
3.Luv(sic) Part 3
4.Luv(sic) Part 4
5.Luv(sic) Part 5
6.Luv(sic) Grand Finale
7.Luv(sic) 12" Remix
8.Luv(sic) Part 2 Acoustica
9.Luv(sic) Part 3 Ta-ku Remix
10.Luv(sic) Part 4 LASTorder Remix
11.Luv(sic) Part 5 Jumpster Remix
12.Luv(sic) Part 6 Uyama Hiroto Remix
13.Perfect Circle

Disc 2